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Unable to Showcase Progress in the Midst of the Pandemic, the Cal Poly Concrete Canoe Team Looks Forwards What the Future Holds


Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the American Society of Civil Engineers has canceled the 2020 National Concrete Canoe Competition. Furthermore, with the statewide shelter-in-place order, the Cal Poly Concrete Canoe Team had to vacate the campus before finishing the final canoe, Borealis.

While it is heartbreaking to miss the opportunity to present nine months of hard work to our supporters, the the team's dedication and accomplishments deserve recognition. This year, team captains implemented numerous innovations and sustainable measures in the project. Some examples include reusing the previous year's EPS mold with a brand new hull design, developing two distinct colors for the canoe's interior and exterior, and incorporating bold aesthetic designs. Furthermore, the team's technical proposal placed first in the unofficial virtual regional competition!

The team will finish Borealis when allowed back on campus and display her to all Cal Poly students. 

Cal Poly currently holds five national championships, sharing the record of the most championships won by a single university with UC Berkeley, UW Madison, and University of Alabama, Huntsville. Next year's team looks forward to competing for Cal Poly's sixth title and breaking the all the time record!


What is Concrete Canoe?


The Cal Poly Concrete Canoe Team designs and produces a canoe using concrete. The mix design sub-team tests and develops the concrete mixtures while the construction team produces the final product . This engineering project illustrates Cal Poly's "Learn by Doing" philosophy as students work as a team throughout the year and compete at the regional Pacific Southwest Conference in the spring. 


Cal Poly Concrete Canoe

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